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Tybee Island GA Annual Pirate Fest

Tybee Pirate Festival started in 2005 when a group of individuals started out trying to find a special event to help attract people to the island throughout the fall season. The very first year was so positive than it has become an annual tradition and the big event continues to build each year, drawing pirates from near and far.


Pirate Fest 2013, seems to turn into another wonderful time for fun and entertainment for all pirates young or old. Tybee Island will once again hold their once-a-year Pirate Fest and headlining for entertainment this time is going to be Shooter Jennings (country rocker) together with his band Triple Crown.


There will be several family activities, a ton of entertainment and the ever popular Thieves Marketplace. The festival ground covers the entire South Beach Parking area by the Tybee Pier (Tybrisa St. to 18th St.).



Tybee Pirate Fest 2013 Schedule


The Ninth Yearly Tybee Pirate Fest will begin on Thurs Oct. 10 and runs through Sun. Oct. 13th. As usual, the weekend is going to be filled with quite a lot of excitement:


Buccaneer Ball - The Buccaneer Ball is slated to again be conducted at The Crab Shack on Thursday, Oct. 10th, 2013 commencing at 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. (EDT). Prior year attendees had a night loaded with dancing, eating and a great time included outfit contests and the crowning of the King and Queen. This season a Treasure Hunt plus a Caricature Artist are added to the big event.


Entertainment - In addition to the headliner Shooter Jennings, there will be other bands which keep you on your feet. Enjoy the jams, storytellers, weapon demonstrations and other surprises planned this time.


Family Activities - You can find fun planned for pirates of most ages. An area is devoted to the littlest pirates that will involve; Costume Competitions, Face Painting, Magicians, Puppets, Inflatable Bounce Houses, Pirate Presentations, and much more.


Pirate Parade - On Saturday the streets are loaded with a parade of pirates and pirate ships, as they simply travel to the beach front by means of Butler Avenue. You will have judges available to distribute awards, therefore get imaginative and join the party.


Thieves Market - A terrific place to find the ideal souvenir, the marketplace will be filled up with arts, crafts, costumes and pirate wares.


This year’s Tybee Island GA Pirate Fest 2013 should demonstrate to be an impressive success, therefore make some plans to visit the weekend event.

Kayaking On Tybee Island

Are you planning this year’s summer vacation? Are you worried about how you’ll be able to get your exercise in without your favorite gym nearby? Consider a beach vacation to a charming little island just east of Savannah, Georgia called Tybee Island. On Tybee you decide how lazy or active you want to be.


Many people visit Tybee just to relax, sit on the beach, enjoy a tropical drink and basically do nothing during their vacation. But others, myself included, enjoy the relaxation but also like to keep active. If you’re someone that’s seeking a vacation filled with physical activity, Tybee Island will give you what you’re looking for. On Tybee, fitness enthusiasts will find plenty of activities to get their blood pumping. Some activities include:


  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Paddle Boarding
  • And Kayaking



Kayaking is a fun and exhilarating sport that is becoming popular in many beach towns across the U.S. including Tybee Island. If you’re visiting the island and looking to get in a good workout, Kayaking can be very physical and will get your heart beating. So pack up your vitamins, protein shakes and creatine supplements and get prepared for a Kayak adventure.


Kayaking could be recreational and also adventuresome. Kayaks provide individuals with an opportunity to see the island from an unique viewpoint and, if they so desired, to pit themselves and the kayak against Mother Nature and the great Atlantic.

Fundamental Kayak Terms

Fundamental kayak terms consist of bow, bilge pump, bulkhead, chine, dry bag and stern.

  • The bow is the front of the kayak
  • A bilge pump is a hand pump used to get rid of large amounts of water from the interior of the kayak
  • The bulkhead is a vertical partition in the kayak. It's generally manufactured from foam. It provides two purposes. It reinforces the hull and helps flotation
  • The chine are the edges of the kayak. The word identifies changes in angle
  • The dry bag is a waterproof bag used to help keep items dry. The bag is available in a number of sizes for large or small items
  • The stern is the back of the kayak


Fundamental Kayak Equipment

Fundamental kayak equipment consists of kayak, paddle, life jacket or PFD, helmet and spray skirt.


Kayakers select a kayak to match the kind of kayaking they intend to do. There are various kinds of kayaks for recreational kayaking, ocean kayaking, and rocky river or creek kayaking. The kayaker’s size will impact kayak size.


Kayaking paddles can be found in multiple designs. Kayaker size and paddling style play a role in determining which kind of paddle will be used.


 Personal flotation devices or life jackets are needed by law on almost all bodies of water. The Type III PFDs are legal for kayaking. Proper fit is essential.


Kayakers may choose helmets that reflect their style and individual tastes if they wish. Helmets are actually available in a multitude of colors and styles. As well as the basic kayaking style helmet, you can find helmets that include protection for the face. These look like football helmets and are used when additional protection is required.

Spray skirts are used to keep the individual dryer and also to keep water out of the kayak. A correctly fitted spray skirt seals the cockpit. Spray skirt design varies in accordance with kayak style. The best spray skirt is made from neoprene. Ocean kayaking spray skirts usually include both neoprene and nylon. Nylon spray skirts tend to be utilized in recreational kayaking.

Kayaking is a sport that many enjoy on Tybee. Kayaks give Kayakers an opportunity to go places that can not be accessed any other way. They enable kayakers to pit themselves against nature, to calmly paddle and revel in nature and to restore an acquaintance with the island without the invasion of technology.

Tybee Island - A Pet Friendly Vacation Community


Our family looks forward to our summer vacations. Our entire family enjoys a week or more of relaxing on the beach and when we go on vacation our family pet has to come along. Fortunately, we have discovered a wonderful little vacation spot off the coast of Georgia. Tybee Island is a charming beach community that is an excellent vacation destination and is also pet friendly.


We made our first trip to Tybee a few years ago and it only took a few hours on this charming island before we decided we would return for many years to come. In fact, we decided that we would purchase our own vacation home on this eclectic little island. Since we are real estate investors we knew that Georgia has monthly tax deed sales and realized this may be an ideal way to purchase a vacation property for a great price. We checked Chatham counties tax sale auction schedule, discovered there was auction being held and purchased the tax deed to a condo on Tybee Island. Now, we have a place to stay whenever we visit this pet friendly island.


Pets are a major part of many families. When a family takes a vacation, it is a given that the family pet goes along. For the convenience of pet owners pet friendly hotels, vacation home rentals and condos are available throughout Tybee. The following are a few tips to keep in mind while traveling with a pet to Tybee Island.


1. While getting your vacation rental or resort reservations, be sure you double-check that pets are allowed. Ensure that you get the “pets allowed” receipt for the reservation either online or through regular mail. Verbal assurances can't always be relied upon.


2. The next task is to get your pet familiar with traveling. This can be accomplished using your car. Simply get your pet into the car and play with your pet to make them relax. After a while, take your pet for a brief drive. Increase the amount of the drives little by little, so that the family pet gets used to lengthy drives that you might take on most vacations.


3. Keep the safety factor foremost in mind and be sure you get your pet used to being secured inside a vehicle. A securing harness can be purchased from your local pet store.


4. Make sure your family pet is correctly tagged with the proper identification including your pet’s name, your name and phone number, also include your vacation rental’s number if possible and your cell number. This will make sure that your pet is returned to you easily in the event they wander off in their new surroundings. Be sure you carry a picture of your pet, so that in the event of a loss, enquiries are easier.


5. Check with your vet prior to the vacation, to see if any vaccinations are required to suit the environment of your destination. If your pet is a dog, be sure you bring the up-to-date rabies tag on their collar. It may be required in some places.


6. Upon arrival at your pet friendly vacation rental always inform the check-in staff that you have a family pet along with you. Be sure you understand and adhere to the rules of the rental regarding pet restricted areas on the property.


7. Never allow your pet to use the furniture in your rental for sitting or sleeping unless protected with your sheets. Use the bathroom for placing food and water containers over a newspaper to help in cleaning up.


8. The beaches on Tybee ARE NOT Pet Friendly. Never take your pet onto any beaches, the fines are expensive.


Vacationing on Tybee with pets can be fun, just use a little commonsense and care while doing so.

1613 Strand Ave. Tybee island, GA 31328